Why does the Pasuk use the word "Shafal" and not "Amok" (See Rashi) as it did in Pasuk 3?


Ramban (in Pasuk 3): This is because the Nega is not pure white, but white mixed with red, which therefore does not appear as deep as a Baheres on plain skin, which is pure white.


Hadar Zekenim (3), Da'as Zekenim (3): "Shafal" means recessed into the skin. 1


Riva (3): If it discusses the depth of the Nega, it should have omitted "Mar'eha"!


What is the significance of the lengthy statement "v'Tim'o ha'Kohen, Nega Tzara'as Hi"?


Ramban (on Pasuk 3): The Kohen should immediately declare it Tamei, since it is a plague that will definitely turn into Tzara'as.

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