What is "Holech Al Kapav"?


Rashi: It is animals such as bears, dogs and cats.


Why does the Torah insert here the law of Tum'ah of Chayos that walk on the soles of their feet (and not on hoofs - such as dogs, bears and cats), which it did not mention above (verses 2-7) in the prohibition of eating?


Ramban (24 DH Hinei Lema'alah), Moshav Zekenim: It is not common to eat them, so the Torah did not detail them. They are included in the Klal of what does not have split hooves or does not chew the cud. Chayos are included in 'Behemah'. 1


Ramban, Moshav Zekenim: Toras Kohanim learns from here that even Ever Min ha'Mes (a limb of a dead animal) is Metamei as well Targum Yonasan learns this from Pasuk 32 (See Peirush Yonasan there). Refer also to 11:26:1:1.



Rashi writes that bears, dogs and cats.are "Holech Al Kapav." I.e. even though they have split hooves, they are Tamei because they walk on the soles of their feet. If so, why does the Torah (verses 5-6) forbid Shafan and Arneves because their hooves are not fully split? They are forbidden because they walk on their soles!


Ramban (3): To teach 1 that they are the only animals in the world that possess only one of the two Simanei Taharah.


The Ramban did not address this question. Da'as Zekenim left this question difficult.

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