Why is "Orev" written next to "Bas ha'Ya'anah"?


Moshav Zekenim: Just like an ostrich is cruel to its children 1 , so is a raven 2 -"Mi Yachin la'Orev Tzeido Ki Yeladav El Kel Yeshave'u" (Iyov 38:41).


Pesikta: It never returns to its children - "l'Achzar ka'Ye'enim" (Eichah 4:3), "v'Evek ki'Vnos Ya'anah" (Michah 1:8).


Daf Al ha'Daf (Chulin 61b, citing R. Ti'ah Veil): Why do we expound Semuchim only for Orev? The Torah initially taught Nesher, which has no signs of Taharah, then Peres and Ozniyah, which have one, Orev should have been taught next, for it has two. Rather, it was taught among the others, which have three. (Why do we need a Hekesh? It says "li'Vnei Orev Asher Yikra'u" (Tehilim 147:9)! Perhaps without the Hekesh, we would not understand this verse. One who sees white babies would not know that they are ravens. - PF)

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