Why does the Torah insert the word "l'Mino" "l'Minah" or "l'Mineihu" by some of the species of birds?


Rashi (on Pasuk 13): Whenever the Torah writes "l'Mino" "l'Minah" or "l'Mineihu" it comes to include birds that belong to the same species, even though they do not resemble them and have independent names.



Rashi writes (Devarim 14:13, from Chulin 63b) that Do'oh, Ayah and Dayah (listed in Devarim 14:13) are the same species. Why did the Torah give different names for the same species?


Rashi (Devarim 14:13): Some people know only some of its names. If the Torah did not give all of its names, he could conclude that it is not one of the Tamei species listed. 1


It seems that this is the intent of Moshav Zekenim, just there is a printing mistake. I do not understand the proof that Ro'oh is the same species. (PF)


Rashi writes (Devarim 14:13, from Chulin 63b) that Do'oh here is Ro'oh in Devarim (14:13). Why did the Torah change its name?


Rashi (Devarim 14:13): It has incredible eyesight, and sees from afar. 1


Refer to 11:14:151:1. Hadar Zekenim (Devarim 14:13) - the Torah did not list both in Devarim, lest one say that they are different. It was not a problem to add Dayah, for here it says Ayah l'Minah (so we can say that Dayah is included).


Sifsei Chachamim citing Chulin 63b: From Bavel, it can see a Neveilah in Eretz Yisrael.

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