What is the difference between "Sheretz ha'Mayim" and "Nefeh ha'Chayah asher ba'Mayim"?


Ramban (citing Ibn Ezra): The former refers to small vermin that are created by the water; the latter, water creatures that are created by a male and female.


Ramban, Moshav Zekenim: The former are fish that swim in the water; 1 the latter, Chayos that live in the sea that have legs on which they are able to walk. 2


Since Sheretz is a general term that pertains to creatures that crawl along and do not walk (Ramban).


Like crocodiles.


Why did the Torah need to say "Kol Asher Ein Lo


A Lav derived from an Aseh is like an Aseh. The Torah wrote "Kol Asher Ein Lo


Moshav Zekenim left his question difficult, even though he brought that a Lav derived from an Aseh is like an Aseh! It seems that words are missing. Perhaps he asks why the Torah repeated "Kol Asher Ein Lo


What do we include from "Kol Sheretz ha'Mayim"?


Moshav Zekenim citing Toras Kohanim: We include Sarini, i.e. a woman from the waist and up, and a fish below; she sings with a pleasant voice.

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