Why does the Torah use the expression "Vayichbad Lev Pharaoh" here?


Seforno: Despite the fact that not one animal of Yisrael died was a phenomenon that belied the imagination, 1 Pharaoh exerted himself to overlook the consequences and refuse. 2


As is borne out by his need to send spies to check whether any of Yisrael's animals had died.


Refer to 8:11:2:1.


Why does it say that nothing died from Yisrael's flock "Ad Echad"?


Malbim: One animal died, of a man born to a Yisraelis from a Mitzri. The Torah considers him to be a Mitzri, but Pharaoh thought 1 that he was a Yisrael. Therefore, he hardened his heart.


It is not clear whether Pharaoh did not know the Halachah, or he assumed that also his father was a Yisrael. (PF) The Pesikta says that there was only one such man, i.e. the Mekalel (Vayikra 24:10).

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