Why, by this plague and all the subsequent plagues, did Hashem always say "Machar"?


Oznayim la'Torah: In order to give the Egyptians an opportunity to escape 1 (in this case by going to Goshen, where the wild animals did not appear, or to give Par'oh time to relent. 2


The question arises however, why He did not say Machar by Dam, Tzefarde'a and Kinim?


Oznayim la'Torah: And it seems that Chazal took their cue from here when they said in Avos 2:15 'Shuv Yom Echad Lifnei Misascha!'


Why didn't Par'oh's Chachamim not try to replicate Arov?


Riva (7:11): Par'oh did not call them, for he already saw from lice that the magicians could not do so.


Moshav Zekenim (12): The magicians saw from lice that it was all from Hashem, and their actions will not help; it is a waste of effort.

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