What is the Torah learning from Chatas?


Torah Temimah (citing Zevachim, 11a): Asham, like Chatas, requires the owner to perform Semichah.


Whom is "ha'Kohen asher Yechaper bo" coming to preclude?


Rashi: It is coming to preclude a T'vul-Yom, a Mechusar Kipurim and an Onan, who are not fit to perform the Avodah, from receiving a portion of the Asham.


Why does the Torah see fit to inform us the ages of Moshe and Aharon?


Rashi (in Sotah, 12a): Because it was in the same year that Yisrael left Egypt.


Seforno: To teach us (with reference to the previous Pasuk) that despite their advanced age, they hurried to perform the will of Hashem with alacrity. 1


Bearing in mind that, already then, eighty was considered passed the stage of 'old age (Seivah)' and into that of 'Gevuros', as the Pasuk in Tehilim (90:10), composed by Moshe informs us (Seforno).

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