What do the words "Asham Hu" come to teach us?


Rashi: It teaches us that even after the owner dies, or after he received his atonement through another animal (e.g. the first was lost, and subsequently found), 1 it remains an Asham, and if it was slaughtered Stam before it was Nitak (given to a shepherd) to graze it, it is not Kosher like an Olah.


Riva, Moshav Zekenim: Even though now it is destined to it graze until it gets a Mum, and its money will be used for Olas Kitz Mizbe'ach.


"Chatas Hu" disqualifies a Chatas Lo Lishmah (refer to 4:24:2:1, 5:9:2:1). Why don't we expound similarly "Asham Hu"?


Rashi: "Asham Hu" is written only after Haktaras ha'Emurim. The Korban is Kasher even if they are not burned at all!

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