What are the implications of "Gam la'Zos"?


Rashi, Ramban #1 and Rashbam: Pharaoh took no notice either of the miracle of the staff 1 or of that of the water. 2


Ramban #2: He took notice neither of the sign of the staff nor even of the plague of the water turning into blood - which ought to have served as a warning that Hashem had now begun to strike him.


Seforno: He was not even impressed by the fact that his magicians were unable to perform what Moshe and Aharon performed. 3


Where he had already hardened his heart (Rashbam).


See also Rashbam, Pasuk 28.


Refer to 8:4:1:1. It is even possible that they turned water into blood by means of an optical illusion.

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