Why did Pharaoh not ask Moshe and Aharon to leave (as he did above (5:4)?


Ramban (earlier 5:4): This time, when Moshe and Aharon responded to Pharaoh's request for a sign, by proving themselves (at least) on a par with his magicians, their esteem rose in his eyes, and he now considered them equal to his wise men. 1


Moreover, he feared the imminent Makos; and from the moment the Makos began, he became awestricken before Moshe and Aharon (Ramban). See however, Bo 10:28.


Do Kohanim share also in Korbanos other than Menachos?


Ramban: If all the Kohanim share the Minchah, which is of relatively little value, how much more so other Korbanos, which are more valuable.

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