Why does the Torah insert the word "Toras" by the Minchah?


Rashi and Ramban: This teaches us that all the Menachos, including those of a Kohen (which are completely burned and which do not therefore require a Kemitzah to be taken) 1 require oil and frankincense.


Ba'al ha'Turim: Refer to 6:2:4:2*.


See Torah Temimah.


What are the implications of "Hakrev osah"?


Rashi: "Hakrev osah" means that the Kohen takes the Minchah. 1


The equivalent of the Holachah with regard to a Korban Beheimah.


What is "Lifnei Hashem El P'nei ha'Mizbe'ach"?


Rashi: "Lifnei Hashem" means on the west side of the Mizbe'ach, which is the closest to the Heichal; whereas "Pnei ha'Mizbe'ach" implies the south side, where the ramp is situated. Consequently, the Minchah is taken to the south-western corner where the Kohen performs the Kemitzah.


Rashi writes that "Lifnei Hashem" is west, and "Pnei ha'Mizbe'ach" is the south, so Hagashah is to the south-west corner. We should say that the entire Azarah is "Lifnei Hashem", like it is for Semichah; the entire north fulfills "Tzafonah Lifnei Hashem" for Shechitas Kodshei Kodoshim!


Korban Aharon (on Sifra Parshah 3, 7): When one might have thought that something may be outside, Lifnei Hashem teaches in the Azarah. If I already know that it is in the Azarah, Lifnei Hashem teaches in the west.

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