What was Hashem telling Moshe when He said vi'Yeda'atem Ki Ani Hashem .... "?


Ramban #1 (citing the Ibn Ezra): B'nei Yisrael should know that Hashem is taking them out of Egypt prematurely - even though according to the stars, they ought to have remained in Galus for many more years.


Ramban: When Hashem would now take them out of Galus with an outstretched Arm for all the nations to see, they would know that it was Hashem performing open wonders, that He is their G-d and that He is doing all this on their behalf, because they are the portion that He has chosen for Himself.


Seforno: Hashem was instructing Yisrael that, when they witness all the miracles that He is about to perform, they should realize 1 that it is Havayah who is rescuing them from the burdens of Egypt.


"vi'Yeda'atem" means not 'You will know', but you shall know" - It is incumbent upon them to take note of the miracles and to realize who is performing them (in the same vein as the same word in the Pasuk in Eikev, Devarim 11:2 [Seforno]).

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