And why does it need to inform us the name of Pinchas' mother?


Ramban #1 (on Pasuk 23): Because she was the daughter of Putiel - Yosef who struggled with (and overcame) his Yeitzer ha'Ra and Yisro, who fattened calves for Avodah-Zarah 1 (and gave it up in order to worship Hashem), 2 and it teaches us that via Pinchas, who earned the Kehunah on his own merit, they merited everlasting Kehunah.


Ramban #2: Throughout Tanach, it is customary to mention the name of the king's mother. 3


Bava Basra, 110a (Ramban).


Alternatively, Putiel was a well-known dignitary of that time, whom the Pasuk mentions here for praise because he was a righteous man (Ramban).


See for example, Melachim 1, 15:10, Divrei ha'Yamim 2, 20:31 (Ramban).


Why does the Torah use the expression 'from the daughter of Putiel?


Ramban: Either because he had many daughters, of which Elazar picked one, or because she was not a daughter, but a granddaughter of Putiel. 1


Who was Misyaches after him because he was well-known, which also explains why her name is not mentioned (Ramban).

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