Why does the Torah add "ki Chatas Hi"?


Rashi: This explains why the Minchah is devoid of Shemen and Levonah - because it is not befitting for a Chatas to be adorned.


Why does it say "Kechu Lachem" Teven? And why does it say "me'Asher Timatza'u"? It should say "ba'Asher Timtza'u"!


Divrei Eliyahu, Kol Eliyahu: The Nogsim and Shotrim told the people, Pharaoh said that he will not give to you straw. Our counsel is to buy it from wherever you find it. This will be much faster than you can find it Hefker, and you cannot tarry, for Pharaoh will not tolerate any decrease in the number of bricks.

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