Why does the Torah repeat by every item "Ka'asher Tzivah Hashem es Moshe"?


Ba'al ha'Turim, Moshav Zekenim (32): Since Moshe requested that Hashem erase him from the Sefer Torah, Hashem responded by repeating his name over and over again. 1 And corresponding to the 18 times that the Torah writes here "Ka'asher (or k'Chol Asher) Tzivah Hashem es Moshe" that Chazal instituted the 18 Berachos of the Amidah - adding Birkas ha'Minim ('vela'Malshinim') corresponding to the one time it writes "ka'asher Tzivah Hashem Ken Asu". 2


Initially Hashem accepted his request (Refer to 27:20:1:1), and made up for it here. In any event, this is a classical example of the Chazal 'Whoever runs away from Kavod, Kavod runs after him'. (EC)


See Ba'al ha'Turim

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