Why did the Torah omit the sockets of the Kodesh ha'Kodoshim?


Ramban: Since it mentioned the Kodesh, and said that the Paroches divides between the Kodesh and the Kodesh ha'Kodashim, and it is as if it said 'the sockets of the Kodesh and the sockets of the Kodesh ha'Kodashim'.


How were the 100 Kikar distributed among the sockets of the Kodesh and those of the Paroches?


Rashi: Ninety-six Kikar were used to support the 48 planks of the Kodesh (two per plank) and four, to support the pillars on which the Paroches was suspended.


What is the significance of 100 sockets?


Moshav Zekenim: This corresponds to "Meyusadim Al Adnei Paz" (it is the Gematriya of Al - Ba'al ha'Turim). Corresponding to this, they enacted 100 Brachos each day. 1


Menachos 43b says that they were enacted based on "Mah Hashem Elokecha Sho'el me'Imach..." Bamidbar Rabah (18:21) says that David enacted this, because 100 people were dying each day in a plague. Perhaps "Adnei" alludes to the 65 (its Gematriya) copper sockets of the Chatzer and the Masach (PF)

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