What did they mean when they announced that "No man or woman should do any more Melachah..."?


Ramban, Moshav Zekenim: It incorporated both not bringing 1 any more donations 2 and the women not spinning any more goats-hair - meaning that all activity relevant to the previous command cease.


Rashbam: They meant that the women, who spun the goats-hair at home, should cease doing so.


Seforno: They meant (not that they should not bring any more donations, but) that they should not do any more work for the Mishkan, such as spinning the goats-hair, making the wooden planks and preparing the hides.


Bechor Shor: This teaches that Hotza'ah from Reshus ha'Rabim to Reshus is called Melachah.


Money (property) is called "Melachah", as we find in Shemos 22:7 and in Bereishis 33:14 (Ramban).


Why does it say "va'Yikalei ha'Am me'Havi"?


Ba'al ha'Turim: It says so also about the flood "va'Yikalei ha'Geshem" (Bereishis 8:2). We learn that when the clouds finished bringing [the gems, also] the people ceased bringing.

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