Why does the Torah write "Yevi'ehah", and not "Yavi"?


Ramban: The Torah sometimes tends to first mention the object generally, and then to describe it in detail. 1


Ramban (according to Kabalah): See Ramban.


See for example, Shemos, 2:6 and Yechezkel, 10:3 (Ramban).


Why did Moshe see fit to repeat all the aspects of the Mishkan (albeit in general terms) to the people?


Ramban: Moshe already told them about the Mishkan in detail (in Terumah from Shemos 24:2) and in general terms (in Ki Sissa, from Shemos 31:7). Now that the time to donate had arrived, he gave them a broad picture of all that was required, to prompt them to donate generously. 1


The Torah will repeat in detail what Betzalel and his team of workers performed (later, from Shemos 36:8), and one final time to record the successful completion of the mission and that Moshe blessed them (in Pikudei, from Shemos 39:13 [Ramban]).

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