Why does the Torah prohibit entering into a covenant with the Cana'anim and eating from their sacrifices?


Rashi: The Torah views eating from their sacrifices akin to participating in their idol-worship, because one thing leads to another, and the next step is taking his daughter as a wife for one's son.


Ramban: Straying after the gods of the Cana'anim, eating from their sacrifices 1 and taking their daughters for our sons are all prohibitions that stem from making a covenant with them.


Seforno: Because entering into a covenant with them sometimes leads initially to participating in their festivities and from there to joining them in their idolatrous practices, and sometimes to licentiousness. 2


See Bava Kama, 71b and Chulin, 40b (Ramban).


As occurred with Ba'al Pe'or (Seforno [See last Parshah in Balak]).

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