What are the ramifications of the words "La'asos es ha'Shabbos"?


Seforno: The Pasuk is saying that if Yisrael will keep Shabbos in this world, they will merit to keep Shabbos in the world to come.


Targum Yonasan: It means to eat delicacies on Shabbos.


Here it says "v'Shamru" before Shabbos. In Vayikra (19:3), it says "Es Shabsosai Tishmoru"!


Moshav Zekenim (16:23): This teaches that Shabbos needs Shemirah before (e.g. a tailor may not go outside carrying a needle close to Shabbos) and afterwards (do not benefit from Melachah done on Shabbos).


Ba'al ha'Turim (Vayikra 26:2, based on Mechilta 1 ): One must add from Chol onto Kodesh, and observe Isurim of Shabbos also some time before and after it.


Mechilta d'R. Yishmael (Yisro, Masechta d'Chodesh 7 DH Zachor) learns Tosefes Shabbos before and after from 'Zachor' and 'Shamor', respectively.

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