What is the meaning of the word "Memulach"?


Rashi, Ramban (citing Targum Onkelos), Rashbam, Seforno, and Targum Yonasan: It means well-mixed. 1


Ramban #2: It means salted - with reference to the small measure of Sedomis salt 2 that they added to the mixture.


As in Yonah, 1:5 and in Yechezkel, 27:27 (Rashi [see also Rashbam), which is why sailors are called 'Malachim'. The Ramban, citing Targum Onkelos, explains that the ingredients are so thoroughly ground and mixed that one cannot discern any of the individual ingredients (as in Yeshayah, 51:6 and in Yirmiyah, 38:11). See also Ramban, who disagrees with Rashi's reason as to why sailors are called 'Malachim'.


As the Gemara states in Kerisus, 6a (Ramban).

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