What are the connotations of "Tamid" in connection with the Korban Tamid?


Rashi: It means every day.


What is "Asher Iva'ed lachem Shamah" referring to?


Rashi #1: It is referring to the Mizbe'ach - from where Hashem would speak to Moshe after the Mishkan was erected. 1


Rashi #2: It refers to the Ohel Mo'ed (mentioned in the Pasuk). since Hashem spoke to Moshe from the lid of the Aron between the two Keruvim. 2


Oznayim la'Torah: Even though Hashem spoke to Moshe from the lid of the Aron, it was the Avodah on the Mizbe'ach that caused the Shechinah to descend and speak with Moshe.


Refer to 29:42:151:1.


See Terumah, Shemos 25:22.


Rashi (first Perush) writes that Hashem spoke to Moshe from above the copper Mizbe'ach. Above, (25:22), the verse says that He spoke to him from above the Aron!


Shem mi'Shmuel (Tetzaveh-Zachor, 679): The Sifri says that other Nevi'im prophesied with "Ko [Amar Hashem]", and Moshe with "Zeh [Devar Hashem]." The Maharal says that the latter was for Torah laws, which are eternal; for temporary needs, also Moshe prophesied with Ko. We can say that those he received from over the Mizbe'ach, for its Kedushah was temporary; it ceased when the Machanos traveled.

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