What are the connotations of "Tamid" in connection with the Korban Tamid?


Rashi: It means every day.


What is "Asher Iva'ed lachem Shamah" referring to?


Rashi #1: It refers to the Mizbe'ach - from where Hashem would speak to Moshe after the Mishkan was erected. 1


Rashi #2: It refers to the Ohel Mo'ed (mentioned in the Pasuk).Hashem spoke to Moshe from the lid of the Aron (25:22).


Refer to 29:42:151:1.


Rashi (first Perush) writes that Hashem spoke to Moshe from above the copper Mizbe'ach. Above, (25:22), the verse says that He spoke to him from above the Aron!


Shem mi'Shmuel (Tetzaveh-Zachor, 679): The Sifri says that other Nevi'im prophesied with "Ko [Amar Hashem]", and Moshe with "Zeh [Devar Hashem]." The Maharal says that the latter was for Torah laws, which are eternal; for temporary needs, also Moshe prophesied with Ko. We can say that those he received from over the Mizbe'ach, for its Kedushah was temporary; it ceased when the Machanos traveled.

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