What do we learn from the juxtaposition of the previous Pasuk to this one?


Rashi: We learn from there that the previous ruling is confined to an animal that is Pesulo ba'Kodesh (that was fit to go on the Mizbe'ach - like the Olah mentioned here) when it entered the Azarah and that became Pasul only afterwards) 1 - to preclude what was not Pesulo ba'Kodesh (such as an animal that raped or that was raped before it entered the Azarah, one that was Muktzah 2 or Ne'evad, or a T'reifah), all of wich are taken down from the Mizbe'ach.


Such as Lan (an animal that was not on the Mizbe'ach at dawnbreak), Yotzei (that was taken outside the Azarah after the blood was sprinkled), one that became Tamei or that was Shechted with the intention of eating it after the time-limit has expired or outside the designated location.


Designated to be worshipped for Avodah-Zarah. .


Seeing as the Korban Tamid is mentioned in Parshas Pinchas, why does the Torah mention it here?


Rashi (in Shemos 28:4): The Pasuk here is speaking specifically in connection with the Milu'im.

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