Who waved the above listed sections of the Korban Milu'im?


Rashi: Aharon and his sons (the owners) placed their hands underneath those of Moshe (the Kohen), and they waived them together.


What procedure did the Tenufah and the Terumah follow?


Rashi: They waved them in all four four directions (Tenufah), 1 and up and down (Terumah).


See Sifsei Chachamim.


What was the purpose of the Tenufah and the Terumah?


Rashi: The Tenufah was to acknowledge that all four directions belong to Hashem - thereby preventing all forms of punishment that is caused by harmful winds; and the Terumah to acknowledge that Heaven and earth belong to Hashem - thereby preventing harmful dews.


Seforno: It served as an acknowledgement that the parts of the Korbanos which the Kohanim received 1 1were a gift from Hashem's Table. 2


Though it is not clear why the Torah then includes the right calf and the three loaf (all of which were burned on the Mizbe'ach) in the Tenufah? (See Seforno). 2

Insinuating that they were Hashem's guests.

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