What are the connotations of 'Zerikah' used here in connection with the ram of the Olah?


Rashi: Zerikah implies directly from the bowl. 1


Rashi: Which is how the blood of all Korbanos was thrown, with the exception of the Chatas, which the Kohen put with his finger, as we saw in Pasuk 12. Moreover, whereas the Kohen threw the blood of other Korbanos on two diagonally-opposite corners below the Chut ha'Sikra, whilst standing on the floor of the Azarah, with regard to the Chatas, he had to ascend the ramp [to the Sovev] in order to put the blood on the four Keranos.


What are the connotations of the word "Saviv" in the context of Zerikah?


Rashi: It means that the Kohen had to throw the blood of Korbanos 1 on two diagonally-opposite corners 2 - thereby ensuring that some of the blood reached all four sides.


Refer to 29:16:1:1*.


The north east and south-western corners (because the south-eastern corner did not have a Keren).

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