Why does the Torah write "for honor and for glory" specifically in connection with the Migba'os?


Rashbam: Because they are worn on the head. 1


The king of the limbs.


What was the difference between the "Migba'as" of Kohen Hedyot's and the "Mitznefes" of the Kohen Gadol?


Rashi: They were one and the same.


Ramban (on Pasuk 31): The Mitznefes was a kind of turban that wound around and around the Kohen Gadol's head. The Migba'as spiraled upward. 1


Hadar Zekenim: The Mitznefes was smaller 2 , because the Kohen Gadol's Tzitz extended a little to the hair, and his Tefilin were between the Tzitz and the Mitznefes. 3


Oznayim la'Toah: It was wide at the bottom and narrow on top (like the hats worn in the middle ages).


Riva citing R. Eliyahu: A Kohen Gadol's is called Mitznefes, for it is like a mere Tzenif (loose turban), since he cannot be Holem it (make it taut). R. Tam of Orleans - a Kohen Hedyot can be Holem it in back, but not in front, due to his Tefilin. A Kohen Gadol cannot be Holem it even in back, due to the threads that hold up the Tzitz. (It seems that it the thread would be a Chatzitzah


Surely he always wears a smaller Mitznefes even when he does not wear Tefilin, e.g. Shabbos and Yom Tov. (PF)

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