What exactly, does "ke'Soldosam" mean?


Rashi and Targum Yonasan (on Pasuk 16): It means literally in the order that they were born 1 - Reuven, Shimon, Levi; Yehudah, Dan, Gad, Asher, Yisachar, Zevulun, Yosef and Binyamin 2 on the other. 3


Ba'al ha'Turim: Refer to 28:16:5:1*.


See Sifsei Chachamim.


Written Malei, with a second 'Yud' (as it was spelt when describing his birth (in Bereishis 35:11) so that there should be twenty-five letters on each stone (Rashi).


The problem with this explanation is that it clashes with Rashi in Seifer Shoftim, 18:28, where, based on the Pasuk, he explains that the stone Leshem corresponded to ythe tribe of Dan, which is not the case accordeing to Rashi here (See Chizkuni).

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