When was Moshe instructed to perform this task?


Rashi: Although he was issued with the instructions now, he was only to carry them out later, after the completion of the construction of the Mishkan. 1


Moshav Zekenim: It says in Vayikra (8:12) that Moshe anointed Aharon to be Mekadesh him, but it was not completed until he sprinkled on him and his sons and their garments with the oil and blood of the Milu'im (verse 30).


Having stated "Aharon and his sons", why did Hashem see fit to mention them all by name?


Ramban: To teach that they all required individual anointing, and should not rely on the fact that Aharon was anointed and they were his sons. 1


That is why Pinchas and any other grandchildren who happened to have been already born, were not Kohanim - in spite of the fact that they belonged to the priestly family.(See Rashi in Bamidbar 25:13)


Why does the Torah say "Lechahano Li"?


Da'as Zekenim: Whenever it says Li, it means forever - "Ki Li Kol Bechor", "Ki Li Bnei Yisrael", "Ki Li ha'Aretz."


Ibn Ezra: The 'Vav' in "Lechahano" is superfluous. 1


Ibn Ezra: Like we find in Tehilim, 104:11 and in Balak, 24:3. This is also apparently how Targum Onkelos and Targum Yonasan interpret it. Refer also to 28:4:8:1.

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