If the extra two Amos that of the goats-hair curtains that stretched across the width of the Mishkan covered one Amah on north and on the siuth sides, leaving the bottom Amah of the socket uncovered, how did they accomodate the extra four Amos that the goats-hair curtains exceeded the 'Mishkan' along the length of the Mishkan? How many Amos remained uncovered on the west?


Rashi: Of the four extra Amos, one Amah covered the pillars on the east side, two hung down in front, 1 and ten Amos hung down on the west side, covering the two Amos 2 that were not covered by the Mishkan, leaving nothing uncovered.


Like the veil of a modest bride (Rashi).


According to Rashi's first explanation (Refer to 26:4:1:1**), the one Amah (socket), according to his second explanation (Refer to 26:4:1:1 [Sifsei Chachamim])


What are the connotations of the term "Achorei ha'Mishkan"?


Rashi: Based on the fact that the entrance of the Mishkan was in the east, the east is always referred to as the front of the Mishkan, the west, as the back, the south, the right side, and the north, the left side. 1


Refer also to 26:35:2:1.

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