What is the significance of "ve'Dal Lo Sehdar be'Rivo"?


Rashi, Targum Onkelos and Targum Yonasan: One is not allowed to honor a poor man 1 by judging him favorably on the basis of the fact that he is poor and needs help. 2


Whom one knows to be liable (Targum Yonasan).


Because it is forbidden to display pity in judgment (Targum Onkelos and Targum Yonasan), as the Torah writes in Vayikra, 19:15 (Rashbam).


Seeing as the Pasuk in Kedoshim, Vayikra (19:15) prohibits favoring a poor man, why does the Torah see fit to insert this Pasuk?


Mechilta: Because the Pasuk there refers to favoring a poor man and honoring a rich one, the Pasuk here is teaching that the reverse is also applicable.

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