What are the ramifications of the prohibition against ascending the Mizbe'ach with steps?


Rashi: It teaches us that rather than steps to ascend the Mizbe'ach, they manufactured a ramp. 1


Refer to 27:5:2:1*


What is the reason for the prohibition?


Rashi: Because when climbing up steps, one inevitably opens one's legs wide - and this is akin to revealing one's Ervah (even though Michnesayim covered it), which is considered degrading in view of the Mizbe'ach's 1 Kedushah. 2


Ramban: It is out respect for the Mizbe'ach, and in order to honor it, in honor of Hashem (in whose service it is being used).


Moshav Zekenim: The Mizbe'ach makes Shalom between Yisrael and Hashem. One who is haughty 3 arouses quarrels.


Moshav Zekenim: Why was the Torah concerned about the Mizbe'ach more than for other Kelim of the Mikdash? (What is his question? The only other Kli that needed ascent was the Menorah, and there his Ervah does not face the Menorah! Perhaps he asks why the Torah forbids haughtiness on the Mizbe'ach. Refer to 20:23:2:3 and the note there. - PF)


And here again, if the Torah is particular about degrading stones, which feel no resentment, how much more so one's fellow-Jew, who is created in the image of Hashem and who is particular about his Kavod!


Perhaps he expounds "Sa'aleh v'Ma'alos" to feeling superior. However, the simple meaning refers to steps, for the verse discusses Giluy Ervah. (PF)


Rashi writes that if the Torah is particular about degrading stones, how much more so one's fellow-Jew. How can we learn from Hekdesh to a commoner?


Lev Eliyahu (p. 150): We learn what is called disgrace. Your fellow-Jew is Kodesh Kodoshim, for he was created in the image of Hashem!

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