What was Moshe's question? We often find multiple warnings!


Rashi: He claimed that it was unnecessary to warn Yisrael not to ascend Har Sinai, since they had been already prohibited from doing so since three days. 1


Rashbam: He was asking Hashem whether, having initially prohibited the people from ascending the mountain, He was now adding a prohibition to break their ranks and to move a little closer, even without ascending the mounting.


Da'as Zekenim (21), Hadar Zekenim (21), Rosh (21): Moshe had not warned Yisrael about the Mitzvah of Hagbalah, only about separating [from their wives]. Hashem said that it is more important to warn about Hagbalah, which is punishable by death. Moshe answered, you warned us, including me and Aharon; we will be with them 2 , and warn them not to ascend! Hashem responded, you and Aharon will ascend more than them; you will not be with them to warn them then, so warn them now.


Moshav Zekenim: Moshe asked, am I included in the Am, who are forbidden to ascend the mountain?


Divrei Eliyahu: Moshe said, you warned us, including me and Aharon, not to ascend. Surely the people will not ascend! Hashem responded, you and Aharon will ascend


See Rashbam's objections, the first of which Rashi himself negates in the following Pasuk.


Rosh: Moshe asked in order to learn how far he will ascend; his question assumed that he will be like everyone else.

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