Why was Moshe afraid that he people would stone, seeing as they were only placing the legitimate request of asking for water?


Oznayim la'Torah: Because what they were apparently asking was for a permanent solution to solve their thirst in the desert, 1 just as Hashem had arranged a permanent solution with regard to their hunger, something which Moshe thought was impossible to attain 2 and therefore perceived as a threat to himself.


The fact that they came to quarrel with Moshe turned it into a personal issue, 3 and Moshe felt threatened.


Perhaps this is hinted in the word "Lishtos" in Pasuk 2 and "ve'Nishteh" in Pasuk 3, which are otherwise superfluous. Refer to 17:6:3:1.


Because who has ever heard of a roving well?


Refer to 17:2:1:1.

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