And how would they see the Kavod of Hashem in the morning?


Rashi and Rashbam: It means that Hashem would provide them with bread in the morning, with a shining countenance. 1


Ramban (citing also Targum Onkelos): Refer to 16:6:1:2.


Seforno: This was merely a continuation of the Tefilah in the previous Pasuk (Refer to 16:6:2:2) that they should see the completion of the fixing of meal-times 2 , by means of which they would discover that it was Hashem who took them out of Egypt and not Moshe and Aharon.


Refer to 16:6:1:1*.


A manifestation of Kavod Hashem (Seforno).


What did Moshe mean when he said (About himself and Aharon) "ve'Nachnu Mah"?


Rashi, Ramban and Targum Yonasan: "Of what significance are we". 1


How could Yisrael complain about them when everything that happens is orchestrated by Hashem and that they were totally incapable. This is the meaning of the word "Mah" - as in Tehilim, 8:5 and in Yeshayah, 2:22 (Ramban). This is the mark of Tzadikim, who negate themselves before Hashem, like Avraham, who declared "I am dust and ashes" (Bereishis 18:27), and Moshe and Aharon, who declared "and what are we!" (Rashi, commenting on the Pasuk in Devarim (7:7) "for you are the smallest of all the nations".)

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