Why were the unspecified men who left over Manna until the morning?


Rashi and Targum Yonasan: They were Dasan and Aviram. 1


Because wherever the Torah uses the word "Anashim" or "Nitzim" it refers to them (Sifsei Chachamim).


Why does the Torah first record the Manna turning wormy and then going bad?


Rashi: The Torah inverts the order, as if to say that the Manna turned wormy after having gone bad.


Ramban #1: Because, bearing in mind that the Manna going bad and wormy was in itself a miracle, it is not surprising that it turned wormy first before going bad. 1


Ramban #2 (citing the Midrash): Hashem prevented it from going bad, to avoid the people from having to bear the bad smell of rotting food.


Proof of this lies in Pasuk 24, where the Torah writes that on Shabbos, the Manna did go bad nor did it become wormy - a proof that when it did go bad, it became wormy first (See Ramban).

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