What is the significance of the dual command "Raise your staff and stretch out your hand... "?


Seforno: Hashem instructed Moshe to raise his staff towards the wind, to direct it to blow on the sea and cause it to become dry, 1 and then to stretch out his staff over the sea to cause it to split.


Tosfos ha'Shalem (1, citing Moshav Zekenim): Raise your staff out of your hand 2 , and stretch out your hand [to split the sea], so Yisrael will know that it is not through [Kishuf via] the staff that you do the signs.


Hadar Zekenim: You only need to raise your staff, for I stipulated from the six days of Creation "Yikavu ha'Mayim... v'Sera'eh ha'Yabashah" (Bereishis 1:9).


Targum Yonason implies that it did not become dry. See also Kli Yakar.


Verse 21 supports this. It says only that Moshe stretched out his hand, and does not mention his staff. (PF)

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