Why does the Torah use the double expression "Hashbe'a Hishbi'a"?


Rashi: Because he made his sons swear that they they would make their sons swear ... until they left Egypt.


Why did he not make his sons swear that they would take him out of Egypt, like his father did to him?


Rashi: Because, unlike himself (who had the authority to take his father out of Egypt and bury him in Eretz Cana'an), Yosef knew that the Egyptians would never allow his sons to take his body from Egypt.


Why did specifically Moshe take Yosef's bones out of Egypt?


Rashi (in Mishlei): Whilst the rest of Yisrael was busy taking the spoil of Egypt, Moshe went to fetch Yosef's coffin from the Nile. 1


Seforno: Because he was the leader of that generation, and the obligations pertaining to the generation falls upon the leader to fulfill.


And it is with reference to him that the Pasuk writes in Mishlei (10:8) "Chacham Leiv Yikach Mitzvos" Rashi (Ibid).


What are the connotations of y word "Itchem" which Yosef said whilst speaking to his brothers?


He hinted to his brothers 1 that their bones too, would be taken out of Egypt by their respective children.


See Sifsei Chachamim.

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