Why did Hashem not inform Moshe before each plague that Pharaoh would not listen to them?


Rashbam: Although the Torah only records it here, in fact, Hashem informed Moshe before each plague. 1


Refer to 11:2:4:1. See also Rashbam on Pasuk 10.


"Mofsai' is plural. Which plagues was Hashem referring to?


Rashi: He is referring to Makas Bechoros, Keri'as Yam-Suf and the drowning of the Egyptians. 1


Ramban: Hashem was referring to Makas Bechoros (which occurred before Pharaoh sent Yisrael away), and what He meant was that He had hardened his heart against capitulating even in face of Makas Bechoros - in order to increase His wonders (more than all the other plagues), killing man, animals and destroying their gods. 2


See Ramban's objection to this from the following Pasuk.


Even though, after having seen how, one after the other, all Moshe's threats materialized, one would have expected Pharaoh and his servants to fear Makas Bechoros more that all the other plagues, and to capitulate this time.

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