Why did Pharaoh ask for forgiveness in the singular ("Sa")? He was speaking to Moshe and Aharon!


Ramban: This is a sign of the deep respect that he 1 had for Moshe, who was a god to him. 2


As well as the whole of Egypt (See later, Shemos 11:3 [Ramban]).


Already in the previous Pasuk he placed Moshe and Aharon on a par with the Hashem, as he did again in this Pasuk (See Ramban). See above, 7:1.


Why did Pharaoh say "ha'Maves ha'Zeh"? He did not say so about the frogs, which entered their bodies and croaked!


Moshav Zekenim: Some explain that the Arbeh ate their faces and gouged out their eyes. This is death!

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