What favor did Hashem do for Shifrah and Pu'ah?


Rashi: He made for them houses - houses of Kehunah and Leviyah (from Yocheved) and houses of royalty (from Miryam 1 ). 2


Da'as Zekeinim, Rosh: The people began to proliferate to such an extent, that Pharaoh, who initially accused them of lying, had to believe them when they claimed that their services were not needed. If not, two midwives would not suffice for so many people!


See Sotah, 11b.


Riva (21): If so (He made houses for the midwives), it should have said "Lahen" (feminine)! Also, the houses are not mentioned until the next verse (Da'as Zekeinim, Rosh)!.


רש"י: וייטב...מהו הטובה, ויעש להם בתים: למה הוסיף רש"י 'מהו הטובה'?


גור אריה: כוונת רש"י שעשיית הבתים איננה דבר נוסף אלא זה בכלל ההטבה.

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