Rashi (to 8:16) explained that marital relations were now permitted after the Flood. However, the Torah records here that Noach and his family still left the Ark separately


Ohr ha'Chayim: Even though permission was given to live together, they did not put it into practice until after they had left and parted ways.


Riva, Moshav Zekenim (Bereishis 6:18): The Torah records how they left the quarters in the Ark, i.e. the men together and the women together.


Rosh (Bereishis 8:19), R. Chaim Paltiel, based on Bereishis Rabah: They feared to have children, lest there be another Mabul. They did not have relations until HaSh-m promised not to destroy the world again. 1


Radak: The women still feared the Mabul. They did not leave until the men left.


Gur Aryeh (to 7:7) says this as well.


למה כתוב "ויצא נח ובניו" ולא 'ויצא נח ואשתו' והרי כבר הותרו בתשמיש המיטה?


גור אריה (לעיל ז,ז): בתחילה נח לא רצה לעסוק בפריה ורביה מחשש שיהיה מבול נוסף.

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