Why does the Torah write yet again that Noach did what HaSh-m instructed him?


Ramban: This time, Noach fulfilled the command of taking all the animals into the Ark in pairs.


Why did HaSh-m have to close [the door of the Ark] behind Noach ("va'Yisgor HaSh-m Ba'a'do")? Why couldn't Noach do it himself?


Rashi, Targum Onkelus and Targum Yonasan: The Torah does not only mean that HaSh-m closed the door behind him, 1 but that He protected him from the people outside who threatened to smash the Ark if he entered it. 2 When they tried to carry out their threat, wild animals killed them.


Moshav Zekenim #1: HaSh-m's Name closed it, so it could not be opened.


Moshav Zekenim #2: HaSh-m stopped the water from entering the Ark.


This is the straightforward explanation, according to Rashi. Moshav Zekenim explains that when the Ark was open, all came to enter, and Noach did not know which [animals] to let in, so HaSh-m closed it [against those that should not enter].


Refer to 7:13:1:1.


Rashi writes:"HaSh-m protected Noach so that [his detractors] would not demolish the Ark...." What is the source for this in the Pasuk?


Gur Aryeh: The word "Ba'a'do" seems to be out of place here, and must mean "surrounding him." Rashi therefore explains that HaSh-m surrounded the Ark with lions etc.


Rashi writes: "... But the simple meaning of the verse is that He closed [the door] opposite him." What does Rashi mean?


Gur Aryeh: It is unnecessary to explain "Ba'a'do" as "surrounding" (refer to 7:16:2.1:1), for we have many Scriptural examples in which "Ba'a'do" means "opposite," or "facing." Here too, HaSh-m closed the door opposite Noach to keep out the water.


רש"י: הגין עליו שלא ישברוה: מנין למדו זאת?


גור אריה: אם לא כן, למה כתוב "בעדו" [ולא 'כנגדו'].


רש"י: ופשוטו של מקרא סגר כנגדו: מה כוונת רש"י?


גור אריה: לא צריך לפרש "בעדו" כמדרשו שהגין סביביו, אלא שסגר כנגדו מהמים.

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