Why does the Torah need to tell us that Noach bore three sons, seeing as it immediately lists them by name?


Ramban: To inform us that, as opposed to his contemporaries, who bore many sons and daughters, he bore only three. 1


Refer to 5:32:1:1.


Why does the Torah list Noach's sons in this order, when their chronological order of birth was Yefes, Shem and Cham (acc. to Ramban)?


Ramban: The Torah places Shem first, because he was a Tzadik, 1 and Cham second because he was born after him (although in fact, he was the youngest). 2


Refer to 5:32:2:1. Refer to 10:21:3.3 for the order and ages of the three sons of Noach based on Rashi (acc. to Mizrachi, Gur Aryeh).


See Rav Chavel's notes

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