Why, on the way back to Egypt, does the Pasuk mention Yosef's brothers before the Egyptians who accompanied him, whereas on the way out, it mentions the Egyptians first?


Rashi: Because when the latter saw the great Kavod that the kings of Cana'an gave Ya'akov, 1 they treated them with respect.


Tosfos ha'Shalem (2, citing Riva), Hadar Zekenim: The Mitzriyim did so amidst fear lest the brothers return to Eretz Cana'an. (Therefore, they placed themselves between the brothers and Eretz Yisrael Cana'an - PF.) 2


Refer to 50:10:1:2.


See Oznayim la'Torah, who asks that their children were still in Egypt?


Having said, in Pasuk 13, "Vayis'u oso Banav", why does the Torah write here "Acharei Kavro es Aviv", implying that Yosef alone buried his father?


Sotah, 13a: When it came to the actual burial, the brotherss said 'It is more Kavod for our father to be buried by a king than by ordinary people

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