What is the connection between the three parts of the Pasuk?


Rashi: Zevulun were merchants, whose ships carried merchandize to foreign countries, predominantly to Tzidon, their northern neighbors (who were a nation of traders).


Rashbam: The people would go down to the port to purchase the goods that the ships of Zevulun brought back from overseas, 1 predominantly from Tzidon (who were a nation of traders).


Seforno: They would take their merchandise (a type of fish, Chilazon and white glass) 2 across the sea by ship to the shores of other countries.


Targum Onkelos: They captured territories in their ships, and took 'the best of the sea' as spoil; and their territory extended as far as Tzidon. 3


See Rashbam.


Which they obtained from the seas and the sand of their territory (Seforno).


Targum Yonasan explains the Pasuk virtually in the same way. It is not clear how this is possible, seeing as Tzur (Tyre) lay in between Yisrael and Tzidon. (EC)


Why did Ya'akov bless Zevulun before his older brother, Yisachar?


Rashi and Seforno: Zevulun traded with nations, and shared his income with Yisachar, 1 thereby enabling Yisachar to study Torah. And since Yisachar was able to immerse himself in Torah thanks to Zevulun, 2 Ya'akov gave him precedence. 3


Following a pact that the two brothers entered into (See also Seforno).


As the Mishnah says in Pirkei Avos (3:17) 'Im Ein Kemach Ein Torah' [Seforno]).


Taking his cue from Ya'akov, Moshe did the same thing (see v'Zos ha'Berachah, Devarim 32:18).


Why does it say "l'Chof Aniyos Yishkon"?


Da'as Zekenim: Ships do not want to enter ports far from the city, for then they must carry the merchandise a long way. Zevulun's cities were close to the ports.

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