Why did Ya'akov find it necessary to exert himself and sit up on the bed when Yosef arrived?


Rashi and Seforno: Because effectively, Yosef was a king, and one is obligated to honor a king. 1


Rashbam: He actually sat on the bed with his feet on the ground. 2


Moshav Zekenim: He wanted to show that he is healthy, lest people say that his mind was befuddled, so his gift is invalid. 3


Moshe, when he honored Pharaoh (See Bo, Shemos 11:8) and Eliyahu, when he honored Ach'av (see Melachim 1, 18:46) took their cue from Ya'akov.


The Rashbam says this (not to answer the question, but) in order to explain Pasuk 12.


Da'as Zekenim and Hadar Zekenim say "lest people say that it was Matanas Shechiv Mera" (which is valid, but the giver can retract) and his mind was settled.

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