Why did the brothers see fit to inform Pharaoh that they had only come to sojourn because there were no pasture for their animals ... ?


Ramban #1 1 : Presumably in Kena'an, where there was no grain to be had, the people ate whatever they found growing in the fields, leaving nothing for the animals, which was not the case in Egypt, where grain was available, leaving the little that grew for the animals.


Ramban #2: It is even possible that due to the many canals and pools, there were areas where pasture was available for the animals.


Rashbam: To disillusion him from the assumption that they had come to take advantage of Yosef's position.


The Ramban actually comes to answer the question that, due to the famine, which was perhaps even more intense in Egypt, there was no pasture for the animals there either?


Why did they say "Lagur ba'Aretz Banu" rather than 'Lasheves... '?


Rashi: Ya'akov went down to Egypt only to sojourn, and not to settle down permanently. 1


The Ba'al Hagadah praises Ya'akov for that, implying that it was on that merit that his children were eventually able to leave. See Lech-Lecha, Bereishis 15:13. Refer also to 47:27:1:2.


רא"ם (לקמ' יא): כיצד ביקשו את ארץ גושן- והרי הם אינם צריכים את כל ארץ גושן?


גור אריה (לקמ' יא): לא ביקשו שישבו בכל ארץ גושן, אלא שישבו בגושן ולא במצרים.

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