What is the meaning of "v'Shachavti Im Avosai"?


Rashi: It means - following Ya'akov's request that Yosef should swear that he would bury him in Kena'an - 'As for me, I am about to die (to join my fathers in death)'. 1


It cannot mean "lay me with my fathers (in the cave)', since the Pasuk writes almost immediately "and bury me in their grave." In fact, the same expression is used in connection with David ha'Melech in Melachim 1 (2:1 [Rashi]).


Why does the Torah not relate that Yosef placed his hand underneath his father's thigh?


Targum Yonasan: Because he considered doing that to his father a lack of Kibud Av? 1


Moshav Zekenim (29): One may not bathe with his father, and all the more so one may not put his hand on his father's Ever! 2


Hadar Zekenim (29): Yosef did not want to do so, due to "v'Lo Yegaleh Kenaf Aviv." He swore without putting his hand there.


See Peirush Yonasan. Refer to 47:29:4:2.


How can it be that Yakov did not know this?! (PF)


How can Nazir 65a learn from "u'Nsasani" that a Mes acquires the earth in which it was buried, and one must take the earth with it? Yakov was never buried in Mitzrayim!


Moshav Zekenim: Yakov meant, do not bury me in Mitzrayim, lest you need to take the earth with me afterwards.


Why did Yosef say "I will do like your words" [and not 'I will do so']?


Da'as Zekenimaa Hadar Zekenim, citing a Midrash: I will do similarly before dying, and command my brothers to take me from Mitzrayim [and bury me in Eretz Yisrael].


Da'as Zekenim: Rashi (Shmos 3:18) says that both Yakov and Yosef gave a tradition "Pakod Yifkod". It says explicitly that Yosef said so. Since he said "I will do like your words", we infer that also Yakov did so.


רש"י: ושכבתי...וי"ו זו מחובר למעלה: מנין לרש"י לפרש כך?


גור אריה: קשה שמדובר כשהוא כבר מת שנאמר "אל תקברני", וא"כ מה פרוש "ושכבתי"? [אלא הכוונה- ואני כבר שכבתי עם אבותי].


רש"י: בשביל חלקך במערה: מה מעלת הקבורה במערה?


גור אריה (לעיל מז,כט): המתים עתידים לעמוד מתוך המערה.


מהר"ל (חידושי אגדות ח"ג עמ' פד, ד"ה ואמר והא, ב"ב דף נח.): המערה כפולה ושם נקברו האבות, כי כל אב מעלתו כפולה- מעלת עצמו ומה שהוא סיבה לבניו.

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