Why did he tell them to hurry?


Seforno: So that his father should not continue to suffer (by being separated from him). 1


See Seforno on Pasuk 13.


Why did Yosef instruct his brothers to go up to his father, and Yakov should descend to him?


Rashi: Because Eretz Yisrael is higher than all other lands. 1


Hadar Zekenim: The Gematriya of "Redei" is 209, a hint to how long Bnei Yisrael would be in Mitzrayim. Yakov had said "Redu", whose Gematriya is 210. A year passed in between. 2


Hence the Torah constantly talks about going down to Egypt (See for example, Miketz, Bereishis 39:1 and Bereishis 42:2 & 3.)


This is astounding. It is only a four or five day journey (Midrash Tanchuma Miketz 6), and it seems that Yosef sent them back the next day! Perhaps Rosh Hashanah had passed (or Nisan 1, if the years are counted from Nisan). Also, if Yocheved was born upon entering Mitzrayim, and Moshe was born 130 years later, and he was 80 when he stood in front of Paro, and the Makos took one year - if some of these were partial years, we can say that they were 210 in all, but not 209! - PF.)


If Yosef wanted them to rush to inform his father, why didn't he send a message to his father before this?


Refer to 42:9:5:1, 42:9:5:2, 42:9:5:3, and 42:9:5:4.


ארץ ישראל גבוה מכל הארצות: כיצד אפשר לומר כך, והרי העולם הוא כדורי?


מהר"ל (חידושי אגדות ח"ב, עמ' קמז ד"ה ארץ, קידושין דף סט.): ארץ ישראל קדושה מכל הארצות והקדוש הוא עליון, ולכן יש להניח את ארץ ישראל בראש הכדור. 1


ע"ע במהר"ל בבאר הגולה (באר שישי, עמ' קלא ד"ה אבל) שהאריך בכך שארץ ישראל גבוה מכל הארצות לא באופן גשמי אלא במהות שלה, כי היא באמצע העולם מפני שכל ארץ נוטה אל קצה מסויים, וארץ ישראל יש בה הכל.

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