Rashi writes that a fly was found in the wine, and a pebble in the bread. The latter is a worse sin. Why does it say that Pharaoh was angry with Sar ha'Mashkim and Sar ha'Ofim, which implies that he was more angry with the former?


Malbim: The Sarim served the wine and bread; they did not make it. It was greater negligence that the Sar ha'Mashkim did not notice the fly in the cup. How could the Sar ha'Ofim know that there is a pebble in the bread?! His only negligence was appointing a baker who was not careful. It is illogical that Pharaoh should kill him, and not Sar ha'Mashkim. Therefore, it was clear that Yosef interpreted the dreams through Ru'ach ha'Kodesh.


Ha'Emek Davar: It says "v'Al" to teach that each was by itself. (Perhaps Sar ha'Mashkim is mentioned first, for that episode occurred first!)

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